Anderson Servicios Corporativos


Since its foundation in 1997, ASC has continuously set new standards in service and advice, increasing its expertise, and creating intelligent solutions in response to changing client, investor and shareholder needs.

The ASC Group started as a family business, being Anderson Associates and Lawyers the founding business of the company, and is still being run by the first generation and at present offers advice and guidance in merchant, fiscal, administrative and procedural matters.

Subsequently, the company management decided to move into the corporate world through acquisitions of diverse businesses in energy, finance and real estate and developing these businesses on an international scale.

In 2007, a project was developed which required heavy investments and the participation of a financial partner. ASC Group and the financial partner jointly developed a project that was established and launched under the brand Hestiun.
Hestiun was founded as an international group and constituted as a real estate investment platform for the optimization of portfolios in profitability as well as specialising in the international marketing of residential projects for which publicity contracts were negotiated with Manchester United and the ATP Tennis Tour among others.

Due to the global economic crisis and the financial partner had major problems and he abandoned the project in early 2008, leaving the managing partner, ASC, exposed to serious economic difficulties that hindered its expansion and forced it to reconsider the Hestiun project.
During 2008, ASC Group adapted the project to the needs of the current market by creating a multidisciplinary platform to centralize asset investment in different sectors, including investments in Thenergo (listed on the stock exchange of Belgium) and also a majority investment in Red River group Asia.

ASC today is a multidisciplinary international group formed as a platform for diversified investment in listed companies or proposed future listed companies, with specific investments in sectors such as energy, health, real estate, construction communications and environment.


If there is one constant in the history of ASC, it is the permanent quest for innovative solutions on behalf of our clients, investors and shareholders.