Anderson Servicios Corporativos


We strive for a client-project focused integrated strategy, with a special focus on diverse & complex client needs and value-adding businesses, through the global expertise of our divisions.


Working under a centric approach, we develop and leverage our value propositions for all targeted client segments, with a particular focus on high-net-worth individuals and asset rich / cash poor companies.


Low Risk Business Models

Following the move to the more conservative needs of our group at this time plus the market’s desire for less complex products and substantially lower asset bases, we expect the business environment to remain challenging.

We believe that the current market environment provides selected opportunities for well-capitalized and flexible businesses.


With our client, investor and shareholder focused integrated strategy, we feel well positioned to take advantage of and succeed in a changing operating environment.


All our attention is focused on the still challenging and changing business environment, while implementing the next steps of our accelerated integrated strategy and exploiting market opportunities as they arise.