Anderson Servicios Corporativos



  • Shares peaked at $28 a share in 2008 and fell with the market in the investment-banking crisis. The shares last traded in April 2009 when all broker interest was withdrawn (as our Company controlled all the free trading shares of the original investors). The principals and partners of this telecommunication Group include two multi-billionaires whose objective is to build the world's largest mobile communications platform (partnered initially with Nokia and Samsung and latterly with Blackberry and American Mobil).

Key Investment Considerations

  • This business is now global and 2010 revenues estimated to average $30 million per month.

  • Our Team has assembled a stable of options to acquire the core share positions from the clients they brought into the transaction at the beginning (before the listing). The stock that would be purchased is available through the exercise of these options and from his original introducers and funders and others all of whom are personal associations.

  • Two major investment banks have indicated their readiness to list the shares on NASD with a pre-IPO at $5 a share. The persons involved appreciate that our team has been the financial gatekeeper since the beginning of trade and will respect that association on an ongoing basis.

  • The six month target for this telecommunication Group based on revenues is $20 a share but there have been approaches to buy blocks of shares for a meaningful stake in the Group for a significantly higher figure from a major corporation. However, no merger would be contemplated until after the IPO.

  • Our Group anticipates a 5-fold increase in value in the short term, a 10-fold value over 6 months and an extraordinary profit over 12 months. Our view is also that the company will not remain independent after the IPO as discussions are presently in progress on at least three different co-operations involving the Group patent stable. These patents cover everything that moves on a mobile screen and all the majors are brokering them.

  • Our team holds an agreement from one of the world's largest corporations to invest $200million after the IPO at the then market price. This comes from a NYSE company with $29billion of revenues in communications.

Transaction Summary

  • Option to purchase shares at US$2 per share.

  • Pre IPO at US$5 per share into listed company.

  • Shares are fully tradable.

  • Estimated value after 6 months US$120,000,000

  • Investment required USD$ 15,000,000 (USD$ 1,500,000 paid)