Anderson Servicios Corporativos


Gold Mine


  • The company holds the mining rights under a 20-year license to extract gold and other minerals from the site of approximately 150 hectares.

  • A further geological report has been commissioned, suitable for the stock exchange, and will be complete within 40 days.

  • The mine is easily accessible by road and has water on site.

  • The company holding the rights is looking to sell 65% of the shares.

Key Investment Considerations

  • Letter of clean title and good standing.

  • Geologists estimate there are between 300 and 800 tons of gold recoverable from the site, using a value for gold of US$ 800 per OZ net, this equates to between US$ 8.4 Billion (and 800 tons = US$ 22 Billion).

  • The company market value today would be taken as between 4-10% whilst the gold is in the ground. 4% of US$ 8.4 Billion = US$336Million.

  • The production is envisaged to begin in 4 months time, once this starts the value of the mining rights are uplifted which will be reflected in the share price.

  • The total gold production is already presold.


  • The investment required is US$ 8Million plus operational expenses.

  • The asset valuation in 12 months will be in excess of US$ 750million.

Manganese Mine


  • This is a working mining business, with good road access and therefore simple extraction and distribution infrastructure.

Key Investment Considerations

  • The mine has a estimated reserve of 200 million tons of Manganese. Manganese is used in many fields but generally it gives all steel its rigidity.

  • The company has existing orders for 1,000 tons per month, which after a period of months will increase, to 5,000 tons per month. This will produce initial profits in excess of US$500,000 per month with very little investment as the mining process is very basic and does not require high capital expenditure on machinery.

  • The first stage after the acquisition will be to organise a full geological report in order to substantiate a minimum of 200 million tons of high concentration Manganese.

Financial Value

  • This report will be carried out by SRK and be prepared to the specification required for the London Stock Exchange. It will take 2 months until the completion of the report; the report is fully expected to value the asset at in excess of US$500 million

Transaction Summary

  • Option to purchase company with mining rights for US$7,000,000

  • Shares are fully tradable.

  • Increase in share value after report and large-scale mining commences.